What really happens in an unattended cooking fire

We talk a lot about cooking fires here on the blog: how to prevent them, what to do if they occur, and how much damage they cause. We’ve shared some compelling stories and talked about homes and lives that have been saved by StoveTop FireStop. All of these things are important to discuss, but sometimes nothing beats seeing what a cooking fire really looks like first hand.

On Monday night, August 26th, a gentleman in Lake Jackson, TX turned his stove on, poured some grease into the pan and prepared to fry up some fish for dinner, much like many other people in America. Once he was done, he thought he turned off the stove, but wasn’t 100% sure.

And that’s all it took. A grease fire erupted and destroyed the entire building where his apartment was located. Luckily, only four of the ten apartments in that building were occupied, two tenants were treated for smoke inhalation and one firefighter was treated for exhausting. All of the tenants are okay and have found a place to stay. Other home fires caused by unattended cooking don’t always end that well.

Take a look at these powerful pictures of what can happen when you leave a pan unattended on a cooktop and for more information on cooking safely, please visit the NFPA’s website for resources on cooking safety.




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