StoveTop FireStop Microhood

StoveTop FireStop Microhood™ expands on the trusted design of the original by delivering the fire-suppressing powder to stovetops with a lower clearance. It attaches below microwave ovens or lower cabinetry 15-27 inches above the cooking surface. StoveTop FireStop Microhood offers reliable, automatic fire suppression for residences with over-the-range microwaves.

StoveTop FireStop Microhood Specifications

Manufacturer’s PN 677-1 (Black) 677-2 (White)
Intended Use Indoor, residential stovetop grease fires (not more than 3/8″ oil depth)
Activation Method Automatic, when there is direct, sustained contact with a flame
Powder Dispersal Method Gravity (non-pressurized)
Primary Suppression Agent Non-toxic dry powder
Type of Vent Hood Microwave oven overhead or other lower cabinetry
Required Vertical Clearance (inches) 15-27″ between bottom of microwave and cooking surface
Required Horizontal Distance From Back Wall (inches) Should be at least 14″ from back wall (back of stove) to lower front edge of microwave oven door
Weight (ounces) 30 oz.
Height (inches) 2.2″
Width (inches) 3.9″
Length (inches) 13.9″ (including mounting bracket)
Installation Method Drywall anchors and screws (included) hold device to back wall, positioned below the microhood
Number of Devices Needed to Cover Four-Burner Stove Two (one pair)
Tests Performed Device and suppression agent tested by an independent Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL)
Effective Life 6 years, replace upon activation or before “remove or replace before” date found on label
Download our StoveTop FireStop Microhood information sheet here

"As the Fire Marshal for my county, I often see people lose all of their possessions to fire. The advent of smoke detectors and sprinkler systems in residential settings has helped save countless homes and lives, and now I know of another product that deserves the spotlight...the StoveTop FireStop. We’ve been able to see the StoveTop FireStop in action, extinguishing the fire every time. As a result of these fires, the most extensive damage has been some ruined pots. After the third fire I’ve seen extinguished with the StoveTop FireStop, I am committed to getting more complexes protected. With such an easy measure to take to combat kitchen fires, I don’t think I’ll have much trouble."

— Christopher B. Goebel
Fire Marshal Camden County Fire Rescue
Kingsland, GA

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