Plus Sensor


This changes everything

With an array of sensors that watch over your stove 24 hours a day, StoveTop FireStop Plus Sensor looks for the distinct signature of a cooking fire. If a true threat is detected, it deploys its fire stopping powder instantly. This makes it an intelligent and indispensible fire suppression device for everyone who has a kitchen.

StoveTop FireStop Plus Sensor Specifications

Manufacturer’s PN 679-S-3A
Intended Use Indoor, residential stovetop grease fires (not more than 1″ oil depth)
Activation Method Automatic. Sensors monitor stove for cooking fires, and deploy if a threat is observed
Powder Dispersal Method Gravity (non-pressurized)
Primary Suppression Agent Non-toxic dry powder
Type of Vent Hood Traditional and decorative vent hoods
Required Vertical Clearance 22-32″ between the burner and the bottom of the surface where the magnet will attach
Required Horizontal Distance From Back Wall Not applicable (center one device over each side of the stovetop, between front and rear burners)
Weight Canisters each weigh approximately 12 oz.
Height 3.2″ (including magnet assembly)
Length 4.5″ (diameter)
Width 4.5″ (diameter)
Installation Method Industrial strength magnets (included) hold devices to vent hood. Stainless steel fastening kit available
Number of Devices Needed to Cover Four-Burner Stove Two (one pair)
Tests Performed Device and suppression agent tested by an independent Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL)
Effective Life 6 years, replace upon activation or before “remove or replace before” date found on label
Download our StoveTop FireStop Plus Sensor information sheet here.

"It's a great product.  A couple of chiefs here have seen it used and it has saved a lot of property."

— Fred Hashagen
Fire Chief - Doylestown, PA FD
Doylestown, PA

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