Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I keep my StoveTop FireStop working?

A: StoveTop FireStop products require neither maintenance, inspections, nor repairs during their six year effective life. In the event of grease build-up, gently wipe off accumulated grease during a damp cloth. Be sure that no liquids come in contact with the fuse or the label. 

Q: What if StoveTop FireStop activates while I’m cooking?

A: StoveTop FireStop will only activate when the fuse comes in direct, sustained contact with a flame. You do not have to worry about false activations from typical cooking heat, steam, or smoke. 

Q: I’ve never heard of StoveTop FireStop. Is it a proven product?

A: Yes, in fact, StoveTop FireStop, is North America’s leading automatic indoor residential fire suppressor. Since 1972, StoveTop FireStop has successfully suppressed cooktop grease fires. Additionally, StoveTop FireStop has been independently tested, and is recommended by fire departments, property owners, and insurance providers across the United States, Canada, and the UK. 

Q: I’m concerned about the appearance of StoveTop FireStop over my stove; won’t it look funny?

A: The design of a traditional vent hood will usually hide (from across a room) properly installed StoveTop FireStop units. The StoveTop FireStop Microhood will be visible underneath the microwave. Because of this, we offer the Microhood in white and black so it will blend in with typical kitchen appliance color schemes. We also have a line of decorative covers available through our distributors or online here

Q: I already have a sprinkler system; why would I want StoveTop FireStop?

A: The StoveTop FireStop is an important supplement to sprinklers, which also effectively suppress fires, but may cause significant water damage when discharged. StoveTop FireStop can suppress a stovetop fire before it spreads and before it triggers the sprinklers, preventing larger fires and the collateral damage of sprinkler systems.

Q: What if our vent hood is non-magnetic?

A: If magnets will not adhere to the vent unit above the stovetop, but the distance between the stovetop and vent hood is within the specified range of 27-35 inches, order our alternative-fastener mounting kit here.

Q: What if the Microhood covers the stove light when mounted?

A: To work correctly, StoveTop FireStop Microhood should be mounted directly over the front and back burners of a typical 4-burner gas or electric range. In a few microwave models, this places the unit directly under the lighting kit. This does not change the effectiveness of the Microhood and will not bur the plastic, but it may cause a slight melting or warping of the plastic if the light is left on for a long time. Therefore, if your stove light will be obstructed by the unit, please remove the light bulbs before completing the StoveTop FireStop Microhood installation.

Q: Can I use StoveTop FireStop with a gas stove?

A: See our statement on gas stoves here

Q: How do I know whether my StoveTop FireStop units have exceeded their effective life?

A: StoveTop FireStop units have a six year effective life In order to ensure that our products are as effective as possible in suppressing cooking fires, we do not support the use of StoveTop FireStop products beyond their stated six-year effective life. If your units have exceeded the “replace before” date, it is important that you remove and/or replace the existing units now.

Q: Why does my StoveTop FireStop have a 6 year effective life?

A: Based on the the research we conducted during the development of our STFS Plus product and on some proprietary changes to our fire suppressant powder, we now certify the effective life of all new StoveTop FireStop products one additional year (6 years from manufacturing date).

Q: My product has expired. How do I dispose of my StoveTop FireStop units?

A: Download and follow our detailed disposal instructions for assistance.

Q: Does StoveTop FireStop have a return/refund policy?

A: Yes. Please click on the link to our STFS Return Policy for more details. 

Q: How do I return StoveTop FireStop if my original packaging materials are unavailable?

A: Download and follow our helpful packaging instructions for all returns.

Q: Will this product work for other applications such as putting out chimney fires, Christmas tree fires, or automobile engine fires?

A: No. StoveTop FireStop is strictly designed and tested for residential stovetop fires.

Q: Is StoveTop FireStop UL Listed?

A: The short answer is, “No, we don’t have our UL certification yet, but it’s not from a lack of trying. And that doesn’t mean we’ve failed any tests; UL simply hasn’t been able to find a Standard to test StoveTop FireStop to!” The bottom line is: our product is unique. So unique, in fact, that no matter how much the engineers at UL like it (and they do really like it!), they simply don’t have a standard on the books that StoveTop FireStop fits into. It’s not a traditional, portable fire extinguisher. It’s not a liquid based, pressurized commercial system.  It’s not a Halon or other synthetic “dry liquid” system. At the end of the day, our product conforms to “elements of UL 300A, 199, 711 and 1254,” but none of them completely. We’ve been selling StoveTop FireStop to both the US Government and its many agencies and to the private sector (all across the U.S., Japan and Canada) since 1972. We have confidence that eventually we’ll get this resolved, but for now, we will just have to refer you to the attached document and keep our fingers crossed on UL.