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StoveTop FireStop is America’s leading automatic stovetop fire suppressor, with an excellent track record in suppressing small residential stovetop fires. We have sold millions of units since 1972 to thousands of multi-unit apartment managers, maintenance managers, and safety equipment dealers. Many Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTL) have tested StoveTop FireStop over the years, including Factory Mutual (FM), Wyle Labs and the NIST. In addition, we routinely perform internal tests to ensure the quality and effectiveness of our fire suppression products by adhering to our ISO-9001 registered standards.

Product Testing and Certification

Our ISO-9001 registered production facility uses rigorous quality control measures throughout the production processes to produce only the highest quality products. AQA International—an independent, accredited, quality registration firm—registered our facility.

Testing Reports


Testing of StoveTop FireStop products in general accordance with UL Subject 300A by Southwest Research Institute (SwRI). Download the the following reports:



National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) successfully demonstrates the effectiveness of StoveTop FireStop. Download excerpts from the report in English and Spanish.


Testing Report for Rangehood (1997)

Testing Report for Microhood (2006)

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