StoveTop FireStop Featured During Indianapolis Community Fire Safety Event

Did you know that the most common cause of house fires is from cooking? According to a recent National Fire Protection Association report, there are an average of 471 home cooking fires reported every day in the U.S., and that results in 530 deaths, 5,270 injuries and property damage of about $1.1 billion every year.

Stovetop and cooking fires often occur due to people walking away from an active stove and leaving it unattended. Food and cooking materials like oven mitts typically catch fire. Grease fires are particularly dangerous because of their tendency to rapidly spread.

It can take less than 30 seconds for a fire to spread out of control. StoveTop FireStop’s fire suppression canisters are made to suppress flames quickly and with minimal damage. The canisters attach easily underneath the stove’s hood and release a fire-suppressing powder when activated.

The way the FireStop is triggered depends on which model is being used. Rangehood, Microhood, Plus or Plus LC, original fused-based units are activated when there is a direct, sustained flame with the fuse on the bottom of the canister.The StoveTop Plus Sensor, features an array of embedded sensors and complex algorithms that monitor a stove’s cooking surface for the specific signatures of a cooking fire.

WISH-TV in Indianapolis worked closely with its local fire department to help educate the public about cooking and stovetop fires with a demonstration of what a grease fire can look like when water is poured onto the active flames. Because water expands when it reaches its boiling point, the result is a nearly instantaneous, out-of-control fire. However, a second demonstration with a StoveTop FireStop canister attached to the hood shows how quickly the flames can be smothered by the fire-suppressing powder that is released.

StoveTop FireStop’s Approach to Stovetop Safety

Created in 1972, StoveTop FireStop has been saving lives, money and property with its innovative products for stovetop safety. Do you have questions about our stove safety products? Read our FAQs to learn more and take our Product Quiz to find the right products for your kitchen.