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  • Protects kitchens from unattended cooking fires
  • Sensor technology constantly monitors stovetop for fire
  • Automatically suppresses grease fires and alert occupants

StoveTop FireStop Plus Sensor features an array of embedded sensors and complex algorithms that monitor a stove’s cooking surface for the specific signatures of a cooking fire. If a fire is detected, the unit deploys within seconds, suppressing the fire below. Plus Sensor also features the improved styling, enhanced powder delivery mechanism, and an increased functional range of STFS Plus. Simply attach the pre-installed magnet to the top of your ventilation hood or cabinetry and leave the rest to Plus Sensor.

  • Automatic fire suppression for residential kitchens
  • Automatically puts out unattended cooking fires
  • Stylish new design
  • Simple, magnet-based installation
  • No maintenance or inspections needed
  • 6-year effective life
  • Required vertical clearance: 22-32″ between the mounting point and the cooking surface
  • One pair protects a typical 4-burner stove
  • Very best fire suppressor on the market today


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Weight 2.52 lbs
Dimensions 4.43 × 4.43 × 3.11 in

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Stovetop Firestop Plus Kitchen Fire Suppression Chart

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