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STFS Plus Sensor FAQ

How do I activate the STFS Plus Sensor?

A: Pull the tab from the bottom of each canister. If successful, you will hear the three-tone activation jingle. You should perform this procedure indoors, away from bright lights, and with each canister already mounted in its final location properly positioned over the cooktop.

Why is the STFS Plus Sensor is playing a two-tone alert every minute?

A: This tone indicates that the canister has detected a fault. This fault may be due to the presence of bright lights when the unit was activated, or an automated or user initiated self-test was performed. This could also be caused by the unit being put into storage. To clear the fault, and ensure it is not a problem, perform a self-test of the canister. (See Page 3 of the STFS Plus Sensor User Manual)

How do I perform a self-test of the STFS Plus Sensor unit?

A: To perform a self-test press and hold the self-test button until a single long tone is heard then release the button. The self-test should be performed with the canister in the position and location it is going to be mounted. This location should be indoors and away from bright lights. A few seconds after releasing the button the unit should remain quiet indicating that the self-test passed.

I have performed a self-test of the unit according to the instructions, but it is still playing the two-tone fault alert.

A: This indicates that there is a fault in the canister, and it needs to be replaced. Contact us for a replacement.

Why is the STFS Plus Sensor playing a one-tone alert every minute?

A: This indicates that there is a low battery. Replace the batteries with two 1.5V Alkaline N-cell (LR1, also commonly known as ‘medical’ batteries) batteries available from most stores. To silence this tone for 18 hours, press and release the button.

When performing a self-test of the STFS Plus Sensor, no sound is heard when pressing and holding the button to initiate a self-test.

A: The batteries are expired and need to be replaced. When the batteries are low, a one-tone alert is played once per minute. The low-battery tone will be played until the batteries are replaced or exhausted.

How long will the low-battery one-tone alert last?

A: The low-battery tone could last for several months depending on battery levels. This is useful in situations where the owner is not present for extended periods.

How do I replace the batteries in the STFS Plus Sensor?

A: Remove the three screws under the unit to detach the circuit board from the canister using a #2 Phillips head screwdriver. Replace the batteries paying attention to battery orientation. Realign the circuit board to the main body, but be careful not to pinch any wires between the circuit board and housing. Also make sure the fuse extends out of the circuit board. Fasten the circuit board back to the main body. Hand tighten the three screws.

After replacing the batteries, the STFS Plus Sensor does not play the three-tone activation jingle, nor does the self-test tone play when pressing the test button.

A: The canister may need to be reset. Remove the batteries, then press and hold the Test button for 10 seconds. Replace batteries and circuit board according to documented procedure above or in the User Manual.


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