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How to Put Out a Stove Fire

Every day, millions of people cook a meal without giving it a second thought. But much like getting behind the wheel of a car, each time they fire up a burner or turn on the oven, they’re putting themselves at risk — even though it’s something they’ve probably done countless times.

Although dangers like overloaded electrical outlets or cigarettes are often considered the usual suspects when it comes to home fires, cooking fires are actually the leading cause of fires and fire injuries in homes and apartments. 

These fires are responsible for nearly half of home fires and accounted for 21% of home fire deaths and 45% of all home fire injuries from 2012 to 2016. Knowing how to put out a stovetop fire is something that every person needs to learn and take seriously, because lives truly depend on it.

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How Does StoveTop FireStop Work?

Kitchen fires account for an average of 172,000 home fires every year. That makes them the No. 1 cause of home fires and breaks down to about 471 kitchen fires every day in the U.S., which are responsible for a reported 530 civilian deaths, 5,270 fire injuries and some $1.1 billion in property damage every year.  

Learning how to implement stovetop fire prevention and getting the right tools to manage a kitchen fire can save not just money and property, it can also save lives.

StoveTop FireStop is designed to suppress kitchen fires without the need for any human intervention. When a home fire begins, it’s common for people to panic and forget what they need to do. With the StoveTop FireStop fire suppression system, they don’t have to do anything except step away from the fire while it is being suppressed.

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STFS Redefines Residential Cooking Fire Suppression

Fort Worth, Texas – WilliamsRDM, Inc., the inventors and manufacturers of StoveTop FireStop  (www.stfs.com) products since 1972, have released a sensor-based version of their residential fire suppression devices, called StoveTop FireStop Plus Sensor.  StoveTop FireStop has been the industry leader in automatic, easy to use, residential fire suppression devices for over four decades.  Their canister based fire suppressors can be found in nearly every multifamily housing market segment in North America, from senior to student housing, and from military barracks to public apartment buildings.

With the release of Plus Sensor, they have radically changed the way their product responds to grease fires.  Instead of requiring direct contact from a sustained flame to light a fuse, the embedded sensors monitor the stove 24 hours a day.  Each sensor is programmed to look for a specific “signature” that is unique to a grease fire, and through a complex set of algorithms, they compare their data sets continuously to determine if a fire is occurring.  Once a threat is determined to be an actual fire, the canister deploys its powder, snuffing out the threat.


“StoveTop FireStop has been saving lives and homes from unattended cooking fires for nearly 50 years, using a tried and true method.  But this changes everything.  The specificity of the sensors and the algorithms that control their decisions are truly amazing.  When you have a fire, every moment feels like an eternity.  That’s why we developed technology that could recognize a fire in seconds,” says Carter Shackelford, brand manager for WilliamsRDM.

Most traditional fire safety devices have distinct limitations: smoke detectors alert you to a fire, but cannot do anything about it.  Hand-held fire extinguishers require human intervention to be useful.  Fire sprinklers do a wonderful job saving lives, but often cause extensive damage to homes and personal possessions.  Only StoveTop FireStop can alert, suppress, and protect simultaneously and 100% automatically.

The StoveTop FireStop Plus Sensor is available to purchase directly from the manufacturer today, and will be rolled out to WilliamsRDM’s distributor network in the coming weeks.

About STFS:  The original automatic fire suppressor, StoveTop FireStop was first conceived in the early 1970’s.  Over the last 45 years, the brand has expanded into multiple countries, and has grown from a single product offering into a full line of fire suppression products to cover a wide variety of kitchen configurations.