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Would you prefer to take advantage of wholesale pricing for bulk orders to save on the cost of kitchen hood fire suppression systems?
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Did you know that the leading cause of apartment fires is cooking fires? In fact, 74 percent of fires in multifamily residences result from cooking — nearly twice the number of cooking fires seen in other residential buildings.

Implementing an automatic kitchen fire suppression system is one way to create a safer environment in multifamily residences. StoveTop FireStop’s fire suppression system is designed to alert the resident with a loud pop. Our canisters release fire-suppressing powder when exposed to a sustained flame, minimizing fire damage and protecting what matters.

If you’re concerned about the cost of kitchen hood fire suppression systems for a larger order or complex of multifamily residences, StoveTop FireStop offers domestic and international bulk pricing. Reach out to one of our distributors listed below to learn more about wholesale options.

About StoveTop FireStop

For more than 50 years, StoveTop FireStop has been a leader in the cooktop fire safety industry by providing its customers with unique cooktop fire suppression devices that emit a fire suppressing powder upon direct, sustained contact by flame. The company has been saving lives, money and property since 1972, as well as providing safety and peace of mind to clients and families who are concerned about the risk of stovetop fires.

Since installing the StoveTop FireStop Venthood and Microhood products ... we've saved tens of thousands of dollars related to kitchen fire damage. This simple, effective and affordable product is an essential risk management tool for our growing business.

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