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“The Original” automatic fire suppressor – StoveTop FireStop Rangehood has been protecting residential kitchens from the devastating effects of cooking fires since 1972.

One pair of Rangehood canisters will protect a typical four burner stove from grease fires, even when no one is in the kitchen. Unlike other fire extinguishing products, Rangehood deploys automatically when the flames from a cooking fire make contact with the fuse on the underside of the canister.


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Weight 1.66 lbs
Dimensions 3.44 × 3.44 × 3 in

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2 reviews for Rangehood

  1. Scott Engelmeyer

    Great, Great product !!! would recommend this compared to much much pricier alternatives would work well in many environments I hope this product stays around for a long time.

  2. Thomas B.

    Worked perfectly, we had a grease fire while cooking and this little guy killed it while we were gawking at the inferno we just created. I would definitely buy these where every I live. You should get one for every 2 burners you have. I know that seems pricey, but it is a lot cheaper than possible alternatives.

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