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StoveTop FireStop Products Information

The Ultimate Guide to StoveTop FireStop’s Fire Suppression System [Infographic]

Fire suppression systems are an important part of preventing grease and cooking fires from spreading beyond a stovetop. StoveTop FireStop’s range of fire suppression systems are made for a variety of stoves. Whether traditional or with a microwave mounted under the hood, we have the right automatic fire suppression canisters for you. Learn more about our products and take our quiz below. Continue Reading

How Does StoveTop FireStop Work?

Kitchen fires account for an average of 172,000 home fires every year. That makes them the No. 1 cause of home fires and breaks down to about 471 kitchen fires every day in the U.S., which are responsible for a reported 530 civilian deaths, 5,270 fire injuries and some $1.1 billion in property damage every year.  

Learning how to implement stovetop fire prevention and getting the right tools to manage a kitchen fire can save not just money and property, it can also save lives.

StoveTop FireStop is designed to suppress kitchen fires without the need for any human intervention. When a home fire begins, it’s common for people to panic and forget what they need to do. With the StoveTop FireStop fire suppression system, they don’t have to do anything except step away from the fire while it is being suppressed.

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