Safety Notice

Statement Regarding the Use of StoveTop FireStop with Gas Stoves

Gas Stove burner

StoveTop FireStop has been successfully tested on electric and gas stovetops and can also be used on induction as well as ceramic / glass-top ranges. StoveTop FireStop products must be properly installed as described in our installation instructions for best effectiveness.

Our products are non-pressurized and are designed to release (sift) dry powder onto the pot, pan or skillet that catches fire via gravity. In most cooking fires, the pot, pan or skillet that catches fire is covering the burner, or heat source, below it. Thus, StoveTop FireStop’s fire-suppressing powder mostly falls into the pot, pan or skillet and on some of the exposed surface areas of the stove. The pot, pan or skillet itself typically prevents the powder from directly reaching and extinguishing a gas burner. Since every fire is unique, it could be possible that under certain circumstances, a gas burner could be extinguished by our product. We have sold millions of StoveTop FireStop units over the years and have not had any customers bring such an example to our attention.

It should be noted that our products do not shut off the gas flow to the burner on a stove. StoveTop FireStop makes a loud “pop” noise when activated which may alert the occupant that our product has activated. Regardless of the type of stovetop, the occupant should turn off the stove, if it is safe to do so, after our device has deployed to prevent the fire from re-igniting or allow gas to flow without reigniting.

January 2020