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This is CBS 13 News.


Well, it is a product that promises to stop a stovetop fire before it destroys your home or puts your life in danger, but you can’t buy this in Maine. So CBS 13’s Katherine Underwood contacted the people at StoveTop FireStop to find out why, and Katherine you even managed to get a local fire department to test out this product for us.

Katherine Underwood:

Yeah, we thought that was important, Greg. This device is called the StoveTop FireStop. You can buy them online, but you can’t find them in stores in Maine. We wanted to see if they work the way they’re advertised. So we asked the Portland Fire Department for some help. And using a mock kitchen, firefighters installed the device, and then set a fire for us on the stove to see if the fire stop really works. Now the reason we’re testing the product is because of an alarming statistic. The state fire marshall’s office says 90% of all kitchen fires start on the stove. Now, back in May, with the help of five other local fire departments, we showed you just how quickly a stovetop fire can start and the damage it can do. So we wanted to know if this StoveTop FireStop can, in fact, stop the flames before they destroy your home and risk your life.

Capt. Bruce Cyr:

It’s a very simple device. That’s what I like about it. It’s just a simple wick, a simple ballistic device to discharge the material out of the device. Very simple, very straightforward.

Katherine Underwood:

Well, simple, but does it work? Coming up tonight on Fox 23 News at 10, we’ll show you the results of the demonstration and find out whether firefighters support the product. We’re also talking with the company about why you can’t find these in Maine and how they’re working to change that. Join us on Fox 23 News at 10.